7 Key Components To Produce Social Selling ROI At Scale

Everyone is talking about “social selling,” yet a majority of B2B companies haven’t implemented any kind of process yet. Why is that? Is it because they are being pitched KPIs like more “relationships” and “this is where your buyers live,” where we can build “trust?” My guess is that executives understand all of that “jargon.” It’s [...]

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Build A Personal Brand

This morning I was listening to the “Leaders in the Trenches Podcast,” and Lee Odden was the guest talking about thought leadership. Lee said one thing that really struck a chord,“The route to industry visibility is not through popularity, it is through amazing work.” Defining Amazing Work Amazing work and popularity create different types of [...]

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Social Selling – Warming The Needle vs Moving It

Last night I was on a Twitter chat with a bunch of social media enthusiasts, and noticed something I want to confront.   A common theme throughout many “social media professional’s” is social media is all about building relationships.  In theory, I do agree with the idea of building relationships, community, adding value, giving, and the [...]

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18 Trusted Advisors You Should Follow On Social Media

Let me start off by saying… THIS IS NOT A LIST!  These are a group of people that have mentored me, inspired me, or educated me in some type of way.   I truly believe that others can get value out of following these trusted advisors on social media.  The reason this is not a list [...]

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