Online LinkedIn and Twitter sales training program designed to help sales professionals create, strengthen, and influence 1-1 conversations in their sales process!

LinkedIn Sales Training

Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn For Business!

Only $9.99!

19 actionable videos to help sales professionals create, strengthen and influence 1-1 conversations in their sales process.

FREE 2017 Sales eBook

A guide to the top 10 social selling automation tools.

Free Social Selling Tools eBook.

10 Social Media tools for sales (and how to use them).

Twitter Sales Training

Everything You Need To Know About Twitter For Business

Only $9.99!

18 actionable videos to help sales professionals create, strengthen and influence 1-1 conversations in their sales process.

12 Week Social Selling Course

Over 12+ Hours Of Actionable Video Content

The Who? Why? What? and How? to turn SOCIAL into SALES

Fully integrate LinkedIn & Twitter into your business process ($399)
LinkedIn Sales Training (Only $9.99)
LinkedIn and Twitter Sales Training Bundle ( Only $15)
Twitter Sales Training ($9.99)
12 Week Social Selling Enablement Program (Only $395)

Testimonials From Student’s Who Have Taken Jack’s Courses 

“I've spent years studying sales I've spent hundreds and thousands of dollars taking different sales training courses and this one separates itself from the rest by giving you tangible real and simple tasks to position yourself and grow your business organically. Jack and his team have hit it out of the ballpark”
The Creation Agency 12 week online course, Social Selling 101, is full of tips, resources, and tools to save you time, focus your efforts, and get found. No matter how much we know about social selling, we can always learn more. The course is video-based with short modules, tip sheets, and summaries. Learn from the best and enhance your skills!
Joanne Black, Author and Speaker
The training on SkillsLab is so easy to use! It’s an extremely beneficial tool which teaches the user about the power of social selling and how to get started. Jack and Jason do an incredible job breaking down the basics of LinkedIn, Twitter and other important tools. I absolutely love the fact that everything is bite sized content and you can engage with Jack throughout the entire process within the training modules. Since signing up for Skills Lab, I’ve increased my Twitter following by over 400 new followers. My LinkedIn connections have gone through the roof and I’ve scheduled countless meetings via social. This program is perfect for beginners and veterans! The small investment is worth dollar and time you put into it.
Jack and Jason demystify social selling and show you how to create a strategic plan, and stop wasting time. They start with your WHY and guide you to map out where your online focus should be. You’ll learn where to find shareable content for your industry, how to use hashtags, how to optimize your profiles, and how to position your brand online in an authentic way. This course is no fluff, all value. If you want to thrive in today’s changing economy, you need to take this course.
When I met Jack online a couple of years ago, he was starting to develop sales systems that produce results with Social Media. When I found out that he condensed his knowledge into an online class, I was super excited to try it. I have been very impressed with what I have learned so far and am already seeing results in my music and media business. I will be using Jack's lessons to teach my crew.
Using social media in your sales career can go one of two ways – Substantial increases in appointments, sales revenue and customer growth – OR – it a huge waste of time and in extreme cases, losing sales and customers. The difference between which side of the table you are on is dramatically affected by the quality of the training you have invested in. My strongest recommendation for social selling training available is being provided by Jack Kosakowski and his course “12 Week Social Selling 101 Course” from the team at Skillslab. This is the state-of-the-art training being taught by someone actually using the tools and process to win huge new business. No theory here – it is in daily use by one of the stars of the social selling universe. If you are serious about your sales career – take this course. There is none better. I am a student myself!
Miles Austin, Fill The Funnel, CEO