Over the past three years, the term “social selling” has been very controversial, mainly because there are so many definitions or perceptions of what “social selling” is or what it achieves. It’s no secret that digital is transforming the way B2B sales happens. It’s affecting the buyer, seller, customer service, and everyone inside of the organization.

I’ve watched social media, technology, data, and communication channels change so fast it’s been almost impossible to create a standardized process that is scalable for B2B sales teams.  This has made me come to a realization that there is no longer such a thing as “social selling” for the simple fact that it’s no longer just about “social” or “selling.” It’s way more complex than either of those when we are talking B2B sales from a scalability standpoint.

“Sales is no longer a reactive activity, it’s more proactive than it’s ever been.”

Value can no longer be forced onto the buyer. Value has to happen organically over time if you are going to be successful long-term in today’s sales environment. You have to be more visible, valuable, and connected to your buyers than any of your competitors. You need to be giving value at a mass scale to a targeted number of buyers six months before they even know they are going to buy your product.

The only way this is can be done is through understanding the seven parts of what is happening in sales innovation.

  1. Communication channels (Social Media & Messenger
  2. Process
  3. Value (Personal & Professional)
  4. Data
  5. Technology
  6. Training
  7. Content

Sales innovation has to happen on all seven levels if you want to stay ahead of the curve in B2B sales and get the real competitive advantage. Marketing and sales have to be involved and integrated as one creating a true process around sales innovation.

 “Social selling isn’t enough anymore when you are talking scale. You have to create an innovative process that gets optimized over time and is data driven.” 

Now, let me tell you… I didn’t say this was easy or cheap. It’s NOT EASY. It’s NOT CHEAP. It’s A BIG COMMITMENT.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to be a guest on Noah Goldman‘s Enterprise Sales podcast and we talked through a lot of these concepts. Hopefully, you can find some nuggets of information that will help you have an “Aha” moment. Definitely, check out his podcast… Lots of amazing guests!

Click Here To Listen To Podcast -> http://bit.ly/2ga1HHFEnterpriseSalesPodcast