It’s no secret that social media is a major time suck for sales professionals. I’ll even admit that I get sucked in at times and lose major focus of my selling objectives. Just like anything, a clear goal and vision is imperative for hitting any objective.

“Being in sales and having social media can either impair you or prepare you to crush your sales quota.” 

It’s up to you to understand if you are losing or winning on social… If it’s losing, then maybe it’s time you fixed it.

I’ve always said there are three long-term objectives when it comes to social selling: Get Visible, Be Valuable, and Become Connected! Now, this is all great in theory, but how does this correlate to short-term objectives such as integrating social media into your sales process to get a result?

There is only one thing in sales that will put you at the top of the leaderboard as it relates to new business. What is that, you ask? Well, it’s actually very simple… The more targeted and valuable conversations you have on a daily basis the larger your pipeline will grow and the more successful you will be long-term. Sales professionals who are consistently having conversations with the right people will always win over time.

Now, let’s correlate conversation as it relates to integrating social media into your sales process. You have to look at social media as another communication tool (just like the telephone).

“The more telephone numbers you have (aka social connections), the more chances you have at creating conversation.”

If you are using social media and not getting a result of revenue… It’s probably because you aren’t focused on these three things daily.

Creating 1-1 Targeted Conversation

Now, earlier I said that sales professionals who are consistently in conversation will always win over time. Note: I said sales professionals who are consistently having conversations with the “right people” will always win over time.

The whole peace, love, and social hugs conversation isn’t going to get you a result. This is a plague within social selling that I see daily. I’m all for networking and social high fives, but the people you spend your time with during selling hours must align with your products and services. Otherwise, you are just creating more friendships… NOT REVENUE.

Strengthening 1-1 Targeted Conversation

The number one way that social media will help you close more revenue is around strengthening 1-1 conversation with those prospects you have in the sales process. It’s imperative that you are focused on how you can get higher in an organization during the sales cycle leveraging social media.

How can you stand out and become super value-focused around becoming an advocate for the buying committee during the sales process? How can you use social media to strengthen your sales touches with a “value” added focus versus the “ask” touch, which is usually another phone call or email asking for something?

Influencing 1-1 Targeted Conversation

It’s no secret that the easiest revenue you will ever create comes from existing customers. Social media is your vehicle to stay in front of your current customers and strengthen the relationship from initial point of purchase to upsell. Your customer’s most valuable asset is time. Don’t make them have to read your emails or jump on a phone call all the time.

Social media is your vehicle to influencing conversation with your current customers by staying in front of them with super valuable content that will help them personally and professionally. You have to look at them as an extension of you, and social allows you to do that by helping advocate for them. Your customer should always know that you are their number one fan without hearing their phone ring or seeing their email light up. Let them know you are always paying attention… This alone will help you win long-term!

In Conclusion

What are you doing daily with your time on social media?

Are you losing business daily using social media?


Are you winning business daily using social media?

More importantly… Are you creating, strengthening, and influencing 1-1 targeted conversation that will get you a result of revenue in the short-term and long-term?

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