As I progress in my career I am always analyzing the people I encounter along the way. I am fascinated by why people talk, think, and act the way they do (positives and negatives). What separates good leaders from the bad and vice versa.

I’ve realized there are 2 types of people in this world…

1. Proactive (10% of people)

2. Reactive (90% of people)

The common denominator between what I consider the most successful and driven people are in the proactive bucket. The rest fit in the reactive bucket.

What do I mean by Proactive? Here are the main ones that I’ve observed.

1. Connection– proactive people have a vision for who they need to get connected with and they go make the connection. They never wait to start a relationship. Even better… They never let powerful connections go stagnate for long periods of time.

2. Solution – proactive people don’t come to you with a problem… They come to you with a solution to a problem. It’s a rare quality and mindset very few have.

3. Decision – proactive people make tough decisions now and ask for forgiveness later. They use logic as the key deciding factor and don’t wait on everyone else when a key decision needs to be made.

4. Learning – proactive people don’t wait to be taught… They get information before they need information. They ask for something only when they feel it’s in the best interest of an outcome.

5. Outcome – proactive people aren’t focused on celebrating little outcomes. They know that the work isn’t done until the long-term objective is hit.

6. Responsibility – proactive people don’t make excuses or put blame on anyone else when the ball is dropped… They take responsibility… Pick up the ball and keep it moving. They hate the blame game and keep toxic team members away at all costs.

7. Value – proactive people always know what to give you before you have time to ask. They sense and plan on what you need before you need it. They have a “give” mindset that only takes when they feel they have earned it.

Being reactive isn’t always a bad thing… But proactive people have a faster path to success in most cases from what I’ve observed.

Would love to hear your thoughts!