The world of social selling has been heating up. The debate on whether it makes a difference or not is at a fever pitch. In spite of the countless studies and research, the debate shows no signs of abating. Therefore, I wanted to take an alternative tact. I thought, let’s go to the source. Let’s talk to a sales person using social media to sell. Let’s forget the pundits, the social selling “experts,” the studies, the research and the quaint meme’s flying around. Let’s talk to someone who does it every day, someone in the trenches who use social media every to make their quota, earn their commission check and do their job. Let’s talk to a social salesperson.

Meet Jack Kosakowski previously from Act-On, and now with Creation Agency. He’s a social selling advocate and social selling animal. He has used his social selling prowess to become the top rep at his company. I met Jack on social media and have admired his command of social selling for the past year.  I asked Jack if he’d be willing to share his thoughts on social selling and why it matters.

The following is Jack’s unfiltered insight on social selling, why it matters and how he does it. Let’s see if this helps change the debate.

Jim Keenan: As a sales person, how do you describe social selling and why does it matter?

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