Why Creation Agency Is Going All In On YouTube… #CreationLife WTH?

Recently, I've started to understand how important YouTube has become to the future of business personally and professionally. With that being said, anyone that knows me, Jason Sibley, Peter Smith, or Creation Agency as a whole, understands that we don't mess around when it comes to going all in and understanding social channels when it [...]

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Future of Social Selling & How It Could Impact Your Career For The Next 30 Years

I'm a huge fan of Travis Huff and his #BeReal podcast.  #BeReal podcast was the 2nd podcast I'd ever done and it was great to come back on it a few years later! Travis has had some fantastic guests and big names in social media and digital marketing... Check out his whole series... I PROMISE [...]

3-Step Process to Slap the Selfish Out of Your Social

My last post got a lot of positive feedback on “3 Reasons Your Content Gets No Engagement On Social.”  The one point that people were the most intrigued about was the “Selfish Social” plague.  This is something I have worked on and attribute it to a lot of the success I’ve had on social media.  [...]

3 Signs You Might Be Spending Time With The Wrong Social Media “Influencers”

Social media platforms are evolving at a rapid pace and new ways to connect are changing daily.  Early adopters are leveraging the different platforms and fighting to create the image that they are social media “influencers.”  The issue with social media as it evolves is how platforms are being used and who is controlling the [...]

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18 Trusted Advisors You Should Follow On Social Media

Let me start off by saying… THIS IS NOT A LIST!  These are a group of people that have mentored me, inspired me, or educated me in some type of way.   I truly believe that others can get value out of following these trusted advisors on social media.  The reason this is not a list [...]

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